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The previous information we reported regarding Expats in Pattaya as well as in Bangkok being able to register online with the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health for obtaining the COVID vaccine has changed.

Further, the previous information was that there were two sites for registering; one being for those 60+ or with certain underlying diseases and the other for all Expats.

Apparently, those in Pattaya cannot use the online registration and it now is only for those in Bangkok (Pattaya location is no longer shown).  As for the second site for all Expats which was supposed to be available on June 14, 2021, it is at this time not available for use.

Although the Thai Government has announced that for those in the provinces, they should contact the hospital where their medical records are kept OR at hospitals to be designated by Provincial officials.

Chonburi and/or Pattaya health authorities have not as yet provided any information on how Pattaya Expats can register for the government provided vaccine or designated any local hospitals for Expats to contact.

Click here if you are in Bangkok to register BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 12 NOON AND 3PM  - You must be age 60+ OR have one of the 7 listed underlying diseases to register, which are:

 1. Severe Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRDs)
 2. Coronary artery disease (CAD)
 3. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) (5th stage)
 4. Stroke
 5. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy
 6. Diabetes
 7. Obesity (weight > 100 kg or BMI > 35 kg/m²)

Click here for the site for other Expats to register, most  likely  also for those in the Bangkok area. However it  it currently, has the following message:  As the current round of vaccination appointments is full, we will be announcing the new round of appointments for vaccination at https://www.thailandintervac.com. We apologize for all inconvenience.

Read the current Newsletter for more information and links to latest news articles.


Effective 18 April 2021 until further notice, the Governor of Chonburi Province (includes Pattaya) has banned meetings in conference rooms, banquet halls, or anywhere people gather.


Although we have had several ask when Club meetings will return, at this time it is something we are unable to answer. 

The current COVID-19 outbreak continues without significant slowing in the number of infections.  The Government while relaxing some restrictions continues to recommend against any large gatherings except under very strict control.  COVID-19  vaccine for Expats in Pattaya is promised but it is unknown when doses will be made available.  Until the "picture" becomes clearer, it is currently not possible to predict when Club meetings may resume.

Next Meeting

The Meeting Room is on the Mezzanine Floor and opens at 9am. The Meeting Program begins at 10:30am.

For a list of upcoming club events click here.  For the club calendar click here.


Although Non-Members are welcome to attend, Non-Members will need to either purchase a breakfast from Holiday Inn, which benefits our continued use of their facilities at no charge to the PCEC, OR pay an admission fee that will enable the Club’s continued operation as a non-profit social organization. If you are a non-member and purchase a breakfast, please obtain and show your receipt at the Membership Table upon entry into the Meeting area. Members are requested to show their current membership card.

Two International Hospitals offering discounts to members - Click Here

Restaurants offering discounts to members - Click Here

Businesses offering discounts to members - Click Here

Living in a foreign country is definitely not the same as visiting it on holiday. There are many things you need to consider. Using the cumulative experience of the Pattaya expat community, we have endeavored to provide information on many topics that should be beneficial for Expats living in Pattaya or considering doing so. Select a general topic from the listing at the top of this page, which will also have a drop down menu for specific areas.

During the Open Forum at the Club meeting, which follows the speaker presentation, members and guests can make announcements or ask questions and receive answers about Expat living in Thailand, Pattaya in particular.

  • EMERGENCY - Listing of telephone numbers for police, fire brigade, & ambulance service - Click here
  • BUSINESSES - Listing of various businesses recommended by Expats living here - Click Here
  • THAI IMMIGRATION - Requirements can be viewed under that tab. If any questions or if clarification is needed, contact us at info@pcec.club
  • HEALTH CARE, BANKING, & DRIVING - Information is provided under the Living in Thailand tab.  If any questions or clarification needed, contact us at info@pcec.club.
  • EMBASSIES - Information for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, & USA - Click here.  Pattaya Mail listing of all Embassies - Click here.

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In addition to the weekly Meeting, the Club helps facilitate various member organized activities such as special interest groups and excursions that take place outside of the regular meetings offering the opportunity to socialize and make friends with others that share a common interest. 

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