Bangkok Bank's New York (BBNY)  Branch is a US federally chartered branch functioning as a wholesale bank. They do not have retail accounts, but funds sent to/through the Branch can be transferred on to an account at Bangkok Bank in Thailand.

They are also part of the US Banking Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

If you have a US bank account, there are basically three methods for sending funds to your Bangkok Bank Account in Thailand.

International Automated Clearing House Transfers (IAT)

Baht Remittance Service

Domestic Wire Transfer

International ACH  Transfers (IAT)

Previously, you could transfer funds using the US banking system's domestic Automated Clearing House (ACH). Because of US Banking laws, such transfers now must use the International Automated Clearing House Transfers (IAT). 

This format requires more information than that used for a domestic ACH transfer. Further, this format is NOT offered by US banks to their retail customers, thus making use of the ACH system to transfer funds to through BBNY unusable.

Click here for their current requirements to set up an International ACH transfer.

Baht Remittance Service

BBNY provides this service to holders of a Thailand Bangkok Bank account. Funds are transmitted by paper check (no limit) or postal money order wire transfer (limited to US$2,500).

This method can take several days before funds are deposited to your Bangkok Bank Thai account.

Click here for the requirements.

Note: The Application form mentions using a cashier's check. A member reports that it is also acceptable to use a your online banking with your USA bank to mail BBNY a paper check payable to them - it is deemed a "bank check" and is accepted - personal checks are not.

A member reports that the process took about 11 days from his bank's issuance and mailing of the check until receipt of the deposit in his Bangkok Bank account in Thailand and was recorded as a Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT code).

The exchange rate used by the NY Branch was the same as used when funds are converted from US dollars to Thai baht  in Thailand.

Domestic Wire Transfer

Although you can send an International Wire Transfer to your Bangkok Bank Thai account, most USA banks charge higher fees for International than they do for domestic transfers (some financial institutions may provide domestic wire transfers to their customers for free or nominal cost).


Sending a wire transfer from your US bank to BBNY instead of Bangkok Bank Thailand is a domestic transfer. BBNY will then transfer the funds onto to your account in Thailand.  To do so, you will need to:


  • Use Bangkok Bank New York’s SWIFT code which is BKKBUS33XXX.
  • Use your Thai bank account number for the destination account
  • Include your Thailand address including country in the recipient information (if your bank does not have a space for this information, they usually have a remarks section where it can be included).


Note: This is older information that currently is not shown on Bangkok Bank's website as a method to transfer funds.  Therefore, it is advisable to contact BBNY to confirm that the above is still sufficient for them to receive a domestic wire transfer to be forwarded on to your Bangkok Bank account in Thailand.

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