Upon entry into Thailand or obtaining an extension of stay, Thai Immigration will place a stamp in your Passport which will show an "Admitted Until" date.

If you remain in Thailand beyond that date without obtaining an extension of the permitted stay, you will be in OVERSTAY, which is a criminal offense making you subject to arrest, detention, fine, deportation, and being banned from re-entering Thailand for a period of time.

Note: Although it is not legal for the children to overstay,  if they are below 14 years of age they are not subject to an overstay fine or a travel ban.

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What is the fine for overstay?

The fine is 500 baht per day up to a maximum of 20,000 baht. If you arrive at the airport or border crossing to leave Thailand, the Immigration will calculate and collect the fine. 

They may also place an "overstay" stamp in your passport.

If you find you have overstayed, you can also go to your local Immigration Office.  They are usually lenient and it is most likely they will assess and collect the appropriate fine and give you 7 day permission to stay to arrange to leave Thailand.

If caught while in overstay status, what will happen?

If caught in overstay by Thai authorities, the foreigner will be arrested, placed in the Immigration Detention Center (jail), fined, and deported to their home country.

The foreigner is required to pay for their airline ticket. Until they obtain or can arrange for the ticket, they will be held in detention.

Once a departure flight is arranged, Immigration Officers will escort the foreigner to the airline gate for departure.

Note: It is not unusual for Thai police to have checkpoints on the road to land border crossings where they will check foreigner's passports. If  it shows the foreigner is in Thailand past the admitted until date, they will be arrested, detained, fined, and deported. 

How long will the ban from re-entering Thailand last?

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