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Who must file the Form TM.27?

The Form TM.27 - Form for Aliens to Notify Their Change of Address if Different From That Stated on Their Arrival Card is required when a foreigner changes their previously reported address on from that reported on:

  • TM.6 Arrival & Departure card completed at the time of entry into Thailand
  • TM.47 form for reporting address (90 day reporting)

When must the Form TM.27 be filed and is there a penalty for late filing?

The Form TM.27 is required to be filed within 24 hours of arrival at the new address.

The Immigration Office may impose a fine, which will vary depending on the Immigration Office's policy - usually based on how late the report is made.

Where is the Form TM.27 filed? 

The Form TM.27 is to be filed with the Immigration Office having jurisdiction for the geographical location of the new property.

The Immigration Officer will complete the bottom portion of the form (receipt) and return it. The receipt should be kept with the foreigner's passport as proof of filing.

Is the Form TM.27 required if the I am visiting another location or Province?  

If the change is temporary and you will be returning to the previously reported address, no Form TM.27 is required.

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