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Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC)

The Club came into existence in 2001 when its founding members recognized there was a need for a way for members of the Expat community to meet and share advice and information on the best ways to live and enjoy life in Pattaya.

Since then, the Club has grown from its humble beginnings into a vibrant social organization that continues to emphasize the Club's motto of Expats Helping Expats.

Initially, it was known as the Pattaya Expats Club (PEC), but in 2003 changed its name to Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC).

Some time after the name was changed, another club was formed that calls itself the Pattaya Expats Club. This club has no connection or association with the PCEC. 

To read the Club's history about its formation and events that led to the name change, click here to read a history of the Club from 2001-2010 (it shows the previous club logo as it was prepared prior to the change). This history was prepared by Club member Richard Smith. Although not a founding member, Richard joined shortly after the Club was formed and has been a Governing Board member since 2003.  

Although many of the Club's activities are open to members and visitors, it is the members continued contribution that keeps the Club going. So, when in Pattaya, drop by during one of the Sunday meetings and see what we are all about. If you like what you, see, please become a member and add your contribution to keeping the Club a viable and worthwhile organization for the Expat community.

In March 2014, the PCEC retired its original logo, designed by founding member Max Rommel. A more stylistic design was sought from the membership. Click here to read the Pattaya Mail article about the change in logo. 

As provided in the Club’s Constitution, the Governing Board consists of 7 to 11 Club members elected by the membership at the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Board Members serve 2-year term with a portion being elected in each year. Click here for current & past Board Members.

The procedures are set forth in the Club’s By-Laws. If there are more candidates than upcoming vacancies an election is held at the AGM, which takes place at the first Sunday meeting in July.

After the Annual General Meeting, the first meeting of the “new" Board takes place. At this meeting, the Board elects the officers whose 2-year term is expiring. These Officers are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

In the spring of 2007, the Governing Board determined that the existing Constitution of the Club was cumbersome and difficult to follow.   The Board appointed a Committee to redraft the Constitution.  The Committee proposed that the Club adopt a basic constitution and a set of By Laws to govern the operation of the Club.  This Constitution and corresponding By-Laws were adopted by unanimous vote of the Governing Board on 20 May 2007.

Since that date, the By-Laws have been revised by the Board several times. There are footnotes on the latest adopted By-Laws showing which sections were amended and the date the amendment was adopted by the Board.

To read the Constitution and By-Laws, click on the link below:

By-Laws of the Pattaya City Expats Club, as amended through27 May 2018(Current)

Original By-Laws of the Pattaya City Expats Club, adopted 20 May 2007

Constitution of the Pattaya City Expats Club, Amended 6 July 2014 (Current)

Constitution of the Pattaya City Expats Club, Adopted 20 May 2007

Constitution and Rules of the Pattaya City Expats Club, adopted 24 April 2005

Constitution of the Pattaya City Expats Club, adopted 13 July 2003 (Club name changed)

Original Constitution of the Pattaya Expats Club, adopted 17 July 2002

One does not need to be a member to attend the meetings and join in the activities of the Club.

Although, there are benefits to membership, most expats become members so that their annual membership contribution will assist the Club to continue operating as a noncommercial social organization of Expats Helping Expats.

Also, by being a member, you have a voice in how the Club operates through election of the Governing Board.

Membership dues are 400 baht per year. If you wish, you can pay the annual contribution in multiple year increments, e.g., 800 Baht for two years or 1,200 for three years, etc.

Judith Edmonds, Club Treasurer, handles membership applications at the Membership Desk at the Club meetings before the Meeting Program begins. Afterwards, she is available at her table inside the meeting room.  You will need to complete an application giving your name, telephone number, and email address.  A photograph will be taken by the Club photographer. The photo and information will be entered into the Club’s membership database and a membership card with photo will be available at the next Club meeting.

For renewal, just give Judith your expired card and your membership contribution and she will prepare a new card which will be available at the next meeting.

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