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House Builder



Telephone No. 084-246-9295




Good People, Great Work! 

I had been looking for someone to fix the ceiling in my bathroom for over a month. It was about ready to fall down from the weight of a ceiling fan that had broken lose from its mooring in the attic space and was totally unsupported except for the ceiling. I had found several contractors and had them come take a look, but none of them said they could do the job either for lack of skills or were too busy. I was getting desperate, because I knew it would not be long before the ceiling collapsed under the weight

When Darrel made a timely announcement at a PCEC meeting that his relatives had started a new construction company, I asked him for their card. I promptly gave them a call, they came over to have a look, and they quickly gave me a very reasonable estimate, which I accepted. A few days later the job was finished. They detached the fan from the ceiling so it no longer was in danger of collapsing and bolted the fan to heavy steel supports that were welded to the girders of the roof. They did this for the fans in both of my bathrooms, replacing the flimsy metal strips that were previously used for support. I swear, the fans and ceilings in both bathrooms will never come down now! Needless to say, I'm very happy with the results!



Telephone No. 089-095-9376

EXPAT COMMENT:  A good Builder

Mr. Doon


Telephone No.
081 694 6206

EXPAT COMMENTS: (2015) I always recommend Doon. When it comes to literally anything I need done, he always shows up on time, does the job right, guarantees his work, and charges very reasonable prices.

He does everything except air conditioning work. If there is any work he doesn't do, he knows who does and does it well.

(2020) I recently had him do some work for me. He arrived at the agreed time and did an excellent job, as always.



Telephone No. 089-252-3510.

Limited English


House Builder



Shower Screen Repair

Telephone No.

086 355 9805

Telephone No.

093 158 9064

Expat Comment: Khun Nai recently built a house for my friend.  He did it exactly to her specifications.  He will also do smaller jobs.  He speaks English.

Expat Comment: Khun Ahtit came the same day. Replaced wheels at bottom of sliding door for 250 baht.  You will need someone who speaks Thai to book his service.

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