If you want to study in Thailand, it is possible to extend your stay pursuant to Immigration Bureau Order Sections 2.8 and 2.9 of Immigration Bureu Order No. 327/2557. The parents of the foreigner granted such an extension may also receive an extension.

The length of each extension will depend on the type of school and course of study. The Educational Institution must be approved by the relevant Government agency and except for international schools and those of higher education, be  confirmed by the relevant Government agency.

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Extension Period by Type of Institution






Up to One Year

Up to One Year

Up to 90 days





The Extension Period must be certified by the institution.

General institutions are non-governmental which are usually International Schools or Institutes of Higher Education such as private Universities.

Non-Formal schools are those types specified by the Private Education Commission. These types are usually for the study of Religion, Thai Language, Arts & Sports (diving, Thai boxing, etc.), Vocational, Tutoring, and Skills Development. Note: Although extensions for Non-Formal institutions are renewable, they cannot exceed one year from the date of entry into Thailand.

Type of Visa Entry

Enter Thailand with a Non-Immigrant Category "Ed" Visa issued by a Thai Embassy or Consulate. Click here for information on obtaining a category "Ed" Visa.

Upon initial entry, the holder of this type of Visa will be granted a 90 day permission to stay.  This period can be extended at a Thai Immigration office within Thailand.

The extension period must be confirmed and requested by the Educational Institution, the Educational Institution must be approved by the relevant Government agency (usually the Ministry of Education), and, except for international schools and higher education, be  confirmed by the relevant Government agency.

Note: If planning to study and not already accepted by a school in Thailand, you can enter Thailand with a Tourist Visa (60 day permitted stay) or Visa Exempt (usually 30 days, but currently 45 days to allow for COVID-19 quarantine).  Both types of entry can be extended one time for an added 30 days.  This will give the person time to find and obtain the necessary acceptance documents needed by Thai Embassies/Consulates to issue the "Ed" Visa.

Parents Applying for an Extension

In the case of parent(s) of the foreigner with the “ED” visa, they can be granted an extension of stay for the same period. They will need to have entered Thailand on a Non-Immigrant Visa (usually category "O") receiving a 90 day permission to stay upon entry then apply for the extension. They will also need to have at least 500,000 baht on deposit in a Thai . For the first extension, it needs to have been on deposit at least 30 days and for subsequent extensions, on deposit for the previous 3 months. 

Documents Required

The following documents are those required by the Immigration Bureau to be submitted when applying for an extension of the permission to Stay for the purpose of study in Thailand.

You should consult with your local Thai Immigration Office as to their specific documentary requirements for obtaining an extension for education purposes. The number of photos and copies will depend on the Immigration Office where application is made.

  1. Form TM.7 Application for Extension of Stay in the Kingdom
  2. Photo (4 x 6 cm)
  3. Photocopy Form TM.6 Departure Card (received upon arrival)
  4. Photocopy of Passport Pages showing showing - Identity/Photo, Non-Immigrant Visa, & Latest Permission to Stay Stamp
  5. Original letter of acceptance from an accredited educational institution outlining the course of study including the time period of the course and hours of study per week. If applying for a subsequent extension, Immigration may require some form of evidence evidence of actual study at the institution.
  6. Evidence that a TM.30 report is on file.
  7. In the case of  parent(s) of the foreigner with the “ED” visa, evidence of the required financial resources:
       a. Photocopies of the identity page and pages from bank passbook showing that the 500,000 Baht in funds has been on deposit for the required amount of time.
       b. Original  Letter from the Bank verifying the account and balance (should be dated no more than 7 days before the application date)
       c. Evidence of parental relationship, e.g. birth certificate showing name of applicant as a parent.
Note: For those studying the Thai Language, denial of further extensions have been known to occur if the applicant cannot show proficiency in speaking  and understanding spoken Thai commensurate with the time they have been studying.

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