The following links are to checklists for retirement and marriage extensions of permitted stay in Thailand.

They include the documents required by Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration only.  Each Thai Immigration Office has their own requirements. If you are applying elsewhere, you should contact the Office where you plan to apply as to their requirements.

Please note that these checklists are based on reports by Expats on their experience and is usually what is required. However, individual Immigration Officers have the authority to ask for additional documents.


Click on the button below for a checklist based on:

800,000 baht in Thai Bank Method

65,000 baht Monthly Income Method

NOTE; If you are using  the permitted Combination method, you will need the documents listed for financial requirements from both checklists.  The Combination method requires you show you have sufficient funds on deposit in a Thai bank, that when added to monthly income x 12 months will be equal to or greater than 800,000 baht.


Click on the button below for a checklist based on:

400,000 baht in Thai Bank Method

40,000 baht Monthly Income Method

NOTE:  There is no combination of financial resources allowed when applying  for Marriage extensions.

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