The Non-Immigrant visa is available from Thai Embassy/Consulates for entry into Thailand for certain specified purposes other than tourism. The documents to support the reason will depend on the purpose of the visit. 

Thai Embassies/Consulates will list of the purposes for which they will issue a Non-Immigrant Visa and supporting documents they require.

Visit this website for a list of Thai Embassy/Consulates with link to their website.

A Non-Immigrant Visa will have one or more alphabetical letters denoting the purpose of the visit. Depending on the purpose and policies of the issuing Thai Embassy/Consulate, the Visa can be for a single entry or multiple entry.

Please CLICK HERE to check our Latest Thai Immigration Information page for updates or temporary changes that are not included in these pages.

What do I need to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa?

You will need the following:

  • Passport which has at least 6 months validity and sufficient blank pages (usually at least two pages is required).
  • Completed Application for Visa – for Type of Visa, select Non-Immigrant Visa from the listing and enter 1 in the space for number of entries or M if requesting multiple entry.
  • Photograph (2 are usually required) – Taken within the last 6 months, front view, and 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size.  Click here for guidelines.
  • Additional documents and fee required by the Embassy/Consulate where you are will be applying for the Visa.

NOTE: Visa applicants in the UK and Ireland have to apply online. In order to access online visa application, please go to Applicants are required to set up an account and submit visa applications online, then book an appointment to submit their passports and visa applications in person at the Embassy, or submit them by post.

How long do I have to enter Thailand, how long may I stay, and can it be extended?

Single Entry Non-Immigrant Visas are usually valid for entry for 3 months from date of issue. Upon entry within that 3 month period, the holder will be permitted to stay for 90 days (includes the day of arrival). For example, if you arrive the day before the Visa expires, you will still receive a 90 day permission to stay.  The Immigration Officer will stamp "used" on the Visa.

Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant Visas  are usually valid for one year from date of issue. Upon each entry during this period, the holder will receive a 90 day permission to stay (includes the day of arrival). For example, if you arrive the day before the Visa expires, you will still receive a 90 day permission to stay).

The 90 day permitted stay can be extended at Thai Immigration within Thailand.

Information below is for the most common purposes – for other permitted purpose, please see the Thai Embassy/Consulate website where you apply.





If applying in home country, the Thai Embassy/Consulates may  require the you apply for the Category "O-A"  or "O-X" Non-Immigrant Visa. 

Applicant must be at least 50 years of age and meet one of the following financial requirements:

  • Have 800,000 baht on deposit in the bank.
  • Have a monthly income of at least 65,000 baht per month.
  • Have funds on deposit plus monthly  income that combined will be equal to or greater than 800,000 baht.

Note: If you enter Thailand on Visa Exempt or Tourist Visa and meet the above requirements, you can apply for this Visa from a Thai Immigration Office within Thailand. The 800,000 baht must be in a Thai bank account. [Note, the monthly income method cannot be used for issuance of the Visa, but can be used when extending the stay. The fee is 2,000 baht.

Married/Related to a Thai


Usually requires a copy of marriage license or birth certificate. May be for Multiple Entry depending on policies of issuing Embassy or Consulate. 

Extensions are usually for one year. 



Business purpose - usually requires letter from business in support of application along with other documents specified by the Thai Embassy/Consulate. May be for Multiple Entry depending on policies of issuing Embassy or Consulate.

Extensions are usually for one year.



Education or study purpose - usually requires a letter of acceptance from the educational institution in Thailand that is to be attended. The educational institution should be one that is approved by the Ministry of Education.

The permitted stay can be extended usually for 90 days and can be renewed for a certain period of time - for attendance at  institutions of higher education, the extension can be for one year.

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