Who must file the Form TM.30 and can it be done online?

If the abode is a hotel, guest house, or other place that regularly rents the property on a daily basis, the manager of the property will usually file the form using Immigration's online reporting system.

If the abode is a house, condominium, apartment, etc., normally the TM.30 is required to be filed by the property owner.

However, the renter is also considered by Immigration to be the  "possessor" of the property. The foreigner should determine if the property owner/manager has filed the Form TM.30. If not, then the foreigner should complete the form and file it with the Thai Immigration Office serving the geographical location of the property.

To use the online system for filing, the property owner will need to register with Thai Immigration.

When must the From TM.30 be filed and what is the penalty for not filing?

If the foreigner stays overnight, Thai Immigration law requires the address be reported within 24 hours of the arrival.  If arrival is on the week end or holiday when Immigration Offices are closed, it should be filed the next business day it is open.

The Thailand Hotel Act covers the penalty for businesses licensed under the act.

For others, the Immigration Office may impose a fine, which will vary depending on the Immigration Office's policy - usually based on how late the report is made.

Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration Office has usually imposed a fine of 1,600 baht but is known to waive or increase it at the discretion of the Immigration Officer.

If I, a foreigner, am the owner of the property or reside in a property owned by my Thai spouse, partner, or my Thai Company, Ltd., must I be reported on a Form TM.30 to Thai Immigration? 

You, as a foreigner, must be reported on Form TM.30 to Thai Immigration as residing at the property whether the property is owned by you, your Thai Company, Ltd., spouse/partner, or their relative.

If you have foreign visitors that stay overnight or longer in the property, their residence at the property must also be reported to Thai Immigration on Form TM.30 Form within the prescribed time frame.

How often must the TM.30 Form be filed?

Thai Immigration law provides the report must be filed again if the foreigner resides elsewhere for at least one night and returns to the property.

Immigration Offices may not strictly enforce this provision. So, you should determine the policy of the Immigration Office serving the geographical location of the property.

Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration does not require another TM.30 report if you travel to other locations within Thailand and return to the same address.  For travel outside of Thailand and you return to the same previously reported address, they are not requiring another TM.30 report. But, you may want to confirm this is still the policy since they have not been consistent.

YouTube Video prepared for Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration by FM 103 radio

This Video was prepared as an advisory for Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration in April 2017. Therefore, the above information, if it differs, is more current on requirements.

The reference in the video to reporting by email is incorrect, a member tried to use it and was told it cannot be done at Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration by email.

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