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Whether you are taking up residence in Thailand or just visiting, one of the most common concerns is making new friends. Although from varied backgrounds and differing nationalities, the Club helps Expats meet others and form friendships through many activities associated with the Club, such as Special Interest Groups and Excursions.

These activities are organized by individual members or others and are not done by the Pattaya City Expats Club. But, the Club endeavors to facilitate these activities by encouraging members and others to organize them and by letting others know about their activities through the Club’s Newsletter, Website, and Meeting announcements.

If you wish to form a Special Interest Group or organize an excursion and wish the PCEC to facilitate it, please let us know. The Club has an adopted Activities Policy to be followed by organizers of such activities - Click here to read the policy. 

For requests to the PCEC to facilitate your Group, send an email to info@pcec.club and include "Special Interest Groups inquiry" in the subject line.

Special Interest Groups

These groups are organized by members to meet outside of regular meetings with those that share a common interest.  These groups may meet weekly, monthly, or just periodically.

Check them out and join in if you also share that particular interest. Click the button below for a listing. Click on the button below for more information. [Note: Many ceased during the Covid pandemic, as they return or new groups are formed, we will be adding the information]

Discussion Groups     Recreation Groups      Educational Groups

If you have a particular interest and it is not already offered, then consider forming your own group. Read the Activities Policy then approach a Board member with your idea for a Group or email info@pcec.club and you will be contacted to make arrangements.

The Club through announcements at the meeting, on the website, and in the Newsletter will facilitate letting others know of your group, activity, meeting time, place, etc.  Not sure of the interest, the Club can arrange for a "signup" sheet for those that may be interested to list their names and contact information.

Wining & Dining

Two of our members previously arranged for a monthly Dinner get together where members and guests could enjoy a good meal in a nice social setting. During the Covid Pandemic, many restaurants shut down and the gathering of groups was discouraged.

The dinners are now being organized again by one of our members. These dinners take place at a different restaurant each month. Click the button below for more information.


The Club also has several members that enjoy the many Wine Dinners put on by several of Pattaya’s finer dining establishments – these members often arrange for a PCEC table at these Wine Dinners.

These events are announced at the Club's Sunday meeting where a signup sheet is provided. They are also announced in the Club's Weekly Newsletter.


Taking an excursion with others you know can always enhance the experience as well as offer an opportunity to meet and make new friends. Every so often, the Club will assist an organizer in the planning and carrying out of an excursion or one may be offered by a third party.  Click the button below for more information.

Expat Organized Trips

Excursions to places in Thailand can be a day trip or be for two or more days.  In some cases, trips to nearby countries have also been organized.

As with Special Interest Groups, the Organizer will need to contact the Activities Committee to provide information about the planned excursion and agree to follow the Club's Activities Policy. 

Organizers may at times receive benefits, financial or otherwise from a travel agency, guide service, hotel, etc. for booking an excursion.  The Club has no prohibition of such arrangements, BUT does require full disclosure of such arrangements to those that may wish to participate.

Book and DVD Exchange

The Club has a table set up at the weekly meeting where books and video disks can be dropped off or picked up.  Feel free to pick up a book or video or drop off some for others to pick up.

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