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The information provided on businesses are from recommendations provided by Expats based on their experience.  It is listed here as a service to our fellow Expats.

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Khun Sakda - Auto

Telephone:  081-715-6819

Expat Remarks: For the past eight years I have been driving an ancient Mazda 626. For the first three years I was constantly being ripped off by mechanics who took money for work which later proved not to have been done. Five years ago I was introduced to a mechanic and I have been constantly amazed by his total honesty and great service. He works from his house which is far from the city center however he will come to your home, leave his car there, and take yours away. He charges foreigners exactly the same as Thais and his work is excellent. He does speak some English however for the initial contact in giving the address it would be helpful to have a Thai speaker call him.

Toon Cycle Shop




080 439 8883 (also use for Line app)


Go east on 3rd Road from Thappraya Road and it is about 40 meters on your left before you get to end of the Third Road Overpass on your right. If on 3rd, stay to the left as if going to Thappraya Road intersection and do a U-turn under the overpass before you get to the intersection, Toons will be immediately on  your left after the U-turn.

Map Coordinates:

12.9211375, 100.8726719

Expat Remarks:  

Latest recommendation (April 2024):

My motor scooter had a "P0507" code. I was told to contact 'Toon Service Motorcycle Repair Shop'. I contracted them. They did a very good job taking care of the problem. I will give them a 10 out of 10. If you want a shop you can trust for your motorcycle or motor scooter needs, contact them.

Original recommendation:

When I arrived at the Toon motorcycle shop, I was impressed to see many trophy's and awards around the well organized shop.  

The owner explained to me in very good English that he was the lead motorcycle mechanic for Mityon here in Pattaya and they had sent him to scores of training programs from the manufactures both here in Thailand and in Japan and other countries.   

At some point Toon entered into a competition for best motorcycle mechanic in Thailand  and a huge trophy  awarded to him was displayed in his shop.

I am a electronic engineer with 40 years’ experience repairing and  modifying cars and motorcycles in USA myself but I am happy to use Toon for these services  here in the Pattaya area.  

Toon is able to completely understand all of my complex customization requests on my many motorcycles and has been able to perform these and so many maintenance and repair activities for me.   I am extremely satisfied with the quality of his work and the price.

Car/Truck Window Mechanism Fitter/ Repairer

Telephone No. 084-362-4805

28/38 Moo 9, Sukhumvit Road - between Pattaya Tai (South) Road and Pattaya Klang (Central) Road
3 shops just before "slip road" turn into Pattaya Klang Road

Expat Comments: Motor stopped working, they stripped the the whole mechanism out, stripped the motor down cleaned out all the carbon--now works perfectly---- charged 350 baht.


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