Pursuant to Section 2.18 of Immigration Bureau Order No. 217/2557, a one year extension of stay will be permitted for a foreigner that is:

  • The legal spouse of a Thai National
  • The parents, children, adopted children, or spouse's children of a Thai National
Usually when applying, Immigration will provide an extension of 30 days as the documents must be sent to Immigration Headquarter in Bangkok for approval before they can complete the process and grant the extension. when to return.

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Visa and Financial Requirement

To qualify, the applicant must have entered Thailand on a Non-Immigrant Category Visa (this is usually a Category "O" Visa, but can be any category.

The applicant must also have at least 400,000 baht in a Thai bank for 2 months preceding the application or income of at least 40,000 baht per month which can be from a foreign source transferred into a Thai bank account or from employment in Thailand.

Documents to Support Application

All Immigration Offices will require the following documents. Items 5 & 6 may vary depending on the Immigration Office.

  1. Form TM.7 Application for Extension of Stay in the Kingdom
  2. Photo (4 x 6 cm)
  3. Photocopy Form TM.6 Departure Card (received upon arrival)
  4. Photocopy of Passport Pages showing showing - Identity/Photo, Non-Immigrant Visa, & Latest Permission to Stay Stamp
  5. Support for meeting financial requirements - this may differ between Immigration Offices in Thailand
  6. Proof of Relationship
  7. Map showing location of residence (in some cases they may also request photos of your residence).
  8. Acknowledgement of penalties for overstay. Click here for document.
  9. Completed Acknowledgment of responsibility to report changes in status. Click here for document.
  10. Evidence that a TM.30 Address Report is on file

Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration requires the following for documents 5 and 6 mentioned above.

5. Meeting financial requirements:

      a.    Photo copy of Bank book showing funds on deposit (identity page and pages showing balance(s) for 2 months prior to application date).

      b. Original Bank Passbook showing a transaction on the date of application.

      c.    Original letter from bank attesting to bank balance dated the same day as the application or the day before if you apply early before the banks open.

     d.    Evidence of having an average of 40,000 baht in monthly income this can be relevant Thai income tax documents if the source is in Thailand or, if from outside of Thailand, an original Embassy Certification Letter attesting to the equivalent of at least 40,000 baht in monthly income.    If your Embassy does not certify monthly income (UK, USA, Australia), you will need the following:

  • Photo Copy of Bank Passbook(s) pages showing all transactions for previous 12 months.
  • Original Bank Passbook showing a transaction on the day of application, e.g., do an ATM withdrawal then update bank book.
  • Original Bank Letter verifying Account name and current balance should be dated on date of application or previous day if applying early before banks open (this is the same letter as required for those using 400,000 in Thai bank and most bank branches are very familiar with it).
  • Original - Bank Letter showing transfers from source outside of Thailand for previous 12 months (it should show that an average of total transfers for the 12 months would equal 40,000 baht per month). Click here for an example.

6.    Proof of family/spousal relationship – photocopies, but have originals available to show to the Immigration Officer.

      a.    Marriage registration if spousal relationship – marriages are registered at a District Office (Amphoe/Khet) – Provinces in Thailand are subdivided into Districts with each District having an office supervised by the District Chief (Nai Amphur).

     b.    Birth certificate(s) as appropriate to show relationship for parent(s) or children.

If documents are not in Thai, you may need to have them translated into Thai and certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok.

Note: Immigration Officers may require additional documentation such as family photos, rental contract and ID card and house paper of owner. Further, the Thai spouse should accompany you to the Immigration Office. Also, if based on Thai spouse, during this period, Immigration Officers have been known to visit the residence to verify the couple are living together as husband and wife.

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