90 Day Address


Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration requires the following depending on whether it is an initial filing or a subsequent filing. 

At the entry desk, say you are doing your 90 day address report and receive your queue number.Proceed to desk 4 and await your queue number to be called - it will also be shown on the status board.

Initial Filing 

You present your passport with the Form TM.47

Documents Required: a signed photocopy of evidence of your address, e.g., telephone bill in your name, rent receipt showing address, copy of lease, etc.

The Immigration Officer will enter the information into the computer database and print out a receipt showing the due date for your next report, and staple it into your passport.

The receipt will have a "bar code"

Subsequent Filing

Present your passport with the receipt previously received.

The Immigration Officer will remove the previous receipt, scan the bar code, and print out a new receipt and show your next reporting date. The receipt will again be stapled into the passport.

The new receipt will also have a "bar code" 

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