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The  Ministry of Public Health through the Department of Disease Control sets general policy for Government provided Covid-19 vaccinations for Thais and foreigners which are free of charge. Provincial officials will also designate locations for obtaining initial and subsequent vaccinations with emphasis now being made on providing booster shots to those that have previously had two doses.

The Department of Disease Control's website for a listing of hospitals in Thailand offering vaccines for expats and foreigners - Click here and check periodically for updates.

The Ministry of Public Health's registration site for foreigners [use if no hospital in your area is currently offering registration] - Click here.

The latest information we have is shown below in the following order:

  • Public Health Alert
  • Where to contact if infected with Covid
  • Moderna Vaccine at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya -for a fee
  • Availability of Government provided booster shots & Vaccines
  • Mor Prom App - Using for Expat vaccination information - including information for updating vaccination record at Pattaya Health Center
  • Testing positive for the Covid-19 Virus

Items added this update will show the following

Public Health Alert

No current announcements

If you are infected with Covid-19, you can call one of the 3 numbers below to arrange for a hospital admission (may be in Thai only):  1668 or 1669 or  1330

The CCSA reports that there has been an overwhelming number of calls to those numbers. As a result, a Line address has been established to get information on where to find a hospital - Add @sabaideebot to the Line application.


The Government is providing vaccine shots including boosters for both Thais and Expats.  The latest information we have is shown below.

We will continue to monitor news articles and government announcements and include the latest information here.

This chart from the Thailand Public Relations Department shows the required interval between the 2nd dose and a booster shot.



The vaccines are provided through the Thai Government Program. The vaccination location is on the 6th floor of the Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping mall.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (BHP) makes their announcements each week. The day of the week and time has been provided by our BHP Liaison. 

She advises booking on the registration page as soon as possible after the announcement time as spaces are limited and they are usually fully booked within an hour of their announcement.



The following information was provided by Expats that obtained their booster shot at Wat Djittabhawan (map follows)

Note: you will need your passport and evidence of previous doses if getting a booster.

On 25 February 2022, we received the following report that you can walk in without an appointment:

I had my booster vaccination  at Wat Djittabhawan. Pfizer. From walking in with no appointment to leaving it took about half an hour. The Wat is on Sukhumvit past the Highway to Bangkok. Drive past BPH and its about three miles on the left.

On 2 February, we received the following report on using the Mor Prom App to book an appointment.

The section in Mor Prom for booking a vaccine shot is in Thai, so unless you read Thai, you will need to have a Thai person assist you in making the booking.

A member who did not wish to spend a long time in a queue at the Royal Garden walk in location reports:

A family member in mid-January assisted in making the booking for him 1 February 2022 between 1pm and 2pm. 

He reports they arrived at about 1:15pm. Although there was a large number there, the line to register was not overly long and the process went quickly. He was the only farang, but there were no issues.

They took his passport and printed out a yellow registration form. The waiting area had several chairs with new arrivals sitting at the back and everyone moving up as groups were admitted to the vaccination area.

When called, an individual checked the Thais ID card and his passport along with the registration form before waving them on into the vaccination area. The process went quickly and he received his Pfizer booster and then went to the designated wait area.  They departed at 2:10pm which took about one hour. 

The Temple in Banglamung is located on Sukhumvit Road after you pass the Toyota dealership on the same side and before the Highway 36 to Rayong cut off. 


The Central Vaccination Center at Bang Sue Grand Station is now accepting walk ins for Booster shots.

The Central Vaccination Center at Bang Sue Grand Station is now accepting walk ins for Booster shots for Thais and foreign nationals.

Click here for Bangkok Post article - Bookings no longer needed for jabs at Bang Sue.

S ervice resumed on April 18 at the Central Vaccination Center at the Bang Sue Central Station.  The service will resume on April 18 and operate daily from 9 AM to 4 PM at Gate 2.  

MBK Center and the Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment of the Ministry of Public Health have been operating a COVID-19 vaccination center that provides Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines for any dose, from first injections to booster.

 The service is available for Thai and foreign nationals, including migrant workers, and has the capacity to inoculate up to 1,200 persons per day for those who walk in or register through mobile service providers. The center is open from Mondays to Fridays (except on national holidays) to the end of April on the 6th floor of Zone B-C at MBK Center. For further information, please contact MBK Contact Center by calling 1285.

Click here for NNT article - COVID Vaccination Center Open to Thai and Foreign Nationals.

Choice of vaccine now available at Bangkok’s Bang Sue vaccination center. Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines are available for free for Thai and non-Thai nationals, either through advanced bookings, via mobile phone operators, or walk-in.  Click here for the Thai PBS article.

Registration platform  - Click here. Sriracha is located about 30 minutes north of Pattaya.


We have received some reports of Expats that were asymptomatic going to a private hospital and testing positive. Further, they were hospitalized and incurred many charges for treatment which may or may not have been necessary.

Based on the latest announcements by Government agencies, those that are asymptomatic and test positive are not to be hospitalized.  Further, if hospitalization is necessary, even at a private hospital, the Government will pay for the treatment.

Click here for the Pattaya Mail article - Thai government will pay for all COVID-19 treatment - Extract: The government continued to pay for COVID-19 treatment at private hospitals and their management must not charge their patients, according to the government spokesman.

Click here for the Thai PBS article - Omicron guidelines set, mild and asymptomatic cases to be isolated at home or state facilities - Extract: Thailand’s Medical Services Department has issued a set of guidelines to deal with COVID-19 Omicron variant cases, to ensure the infected are provided with safe and timely treatment. The department has divided Omicron cases into asymptomatic, probable cases and mild cases, who can be isolated at home or in community facilities, and the severe cases who need to be hospitalized.


The Mor Prom App should have a person's vaccination certificate.

The App is available in IOS and Android.

At the time of an Expats 2nd dose, they should have received a 13 digit number beginning with "60" which will be needed to register on the App.

The Thai government has announced that they have added a section to the MorProm App that allows one to request their Vaccination Passport via the App. Further, that until March 31,2022 it is free.

An Expat posted the following about vaccination record updating at the Pattaya Health Center:

I recently got my yellow book upgraded to include my booster shot and my new passport number. At the same time I got a digital copy of my vaccination sent by email.  All done without appointment- just took a few minutes. Very helpful efficient staff.  At the municipal health centre in Naklua near the fish market.


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