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Originally from Sydney, Australia, Michelle J Coote left her home country in August 2005 and went traveling for a few years, finally settling in Thailand. Her topic will be A Crazy Cat Lady's Story of Animal Rescue in Thailand.

Since August, 2015 she has devoted her life to helping homeless cats and kittens live better lives.

Her small sanctuary for homeless animals houses about 80 cats and six dogs at the present. Michelle also continues to help cats and dogs living on the streets in her area and runs a cat and kitten adoption program.
Homeless cats and dogs need to be fed, sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites and given medical treatment when sick or injured. All of this cost’s money. Michelle has published two books. All royalties from her book sales go towards the cost of helping maintain her shelter.
She graduated from Queensland University with an Economic Honor degree in 1991. She then joined the Queensland public service in 1992 working in the areas of budget control and project evaluation, reaching the level of middle management by 2002. 

In 2002, she took time off and spent five months traveling in Russia, Europe, Thailand, and Cambodia. In 2005, she quit her job, sold her house, and with her backpack holding her worldly possessions set out to travel. The first six months she spent traveling in Thailand and India.
Michelle spoke to the Club in August 2013 about those travels and the book she wrote relating her observations and experiences, I Come Alone: Travels in Thailand and India.       Click here for a summary of her presentation.   She wrote a second book, Rickety Buses Bumpy Roads: Travels in India Nepal Peru Bolivia in 2014.


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