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We will be welcoming back two great speakers, Pascal Deville and Patrick Mattimore. Pascal will be bringing us up to date on Aquaponics Farming while Patrick returns to give us another of his interesting and informative insights, this time on whether the Press can be objective.
Pascal has been in the food supplement industry for 27 years, including 16 years as a nutrition coach and founder of the Pattaya Nutrition Club in 2007. His background is in sales, marketing, coaching, mergers & acquisitions, insurance and information technology, but his passion is in the food supplement business.

Pascal will give a talk on a very interesting topic which will be different from his previous ones on nutrition. His topic will be about Aquaponics Farming. He will introduce his partner, Regis Vincent, CEO and founder of AHAS (Asia Hardware Aquaponics Services), a company expert in building aquaponics systems. AHAS is active in several countries and it just launched its activities in Thailand. AHAS has a new project to build an urban farm here in Pattaya.

What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics refers to the combination of conventional fish culture with the cultivation of plants hydroponically. In order for both fish and plants to live and grow in harmony, this symbiotic environment must be kept natural and nasty harmful pesticides kept away. Fish and plants grow and live in harmony, in a healthy environment, where no chemicals are allowed by design.

Thanks to the natural fertilizers provided by fish waste, Aquaponics can obtain an unequaled product quality. But it also offers many more benefits, both for consumers and for farm operators.

Although not part of the presentation, click here for the Pattaya Mail's very recent article about Pattaya's Human and Health Network receiving first prize for their aquaponics project.

Patrick has given us several talks on a journalism subject.  His topic for this presentation will be Can the press be objective?  Patrick is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and has written commentaries for a variety of publications, daily newspapers, professional magazines, and weeklies.

Patrick has given us several talks on a journalism subject.  His topic for this presentation will be Can the press be objective?  Patrick is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and has written commentaries for a variety of publications, daily newspapers, professional magazines, and weeklies.

His areas of expertise are law, psychology, education and the media. He taught high school psychology for many years in the US. He was an adjunct professor of law in the Temple University/Tsinghua University LLM program in Beijing, where he also taught psychology at a private college.

While living in China (2009-2012), Patrick authored an award-winning online column for China Daily and was the sole foreign writer invited to tour China as part of a national tour of online writers. He wrote an "expert's take" on the media for China Daily's 30th anniversary edition.

He also frequently wrote for another English newspaper, The Global Times.  In Phuket, Thailand, Patrick wrote a regular psychology column ("On Your Mind") for the weekly newspaper, the Phuket Gazette. His columns frequently addressed the relevance of a particular psychological principle (or principles) to a current news event.


 29 March - Bay Tower

Meeting Room 1 on the Mezzanine Floor

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The Meeting Program starts at 10:30am in either the Holiday Inn's Executive or Bay Tower. 

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