The next AGM is scheduled for first regular meeting in July which is 6 July 2022.  In accordance with the PCEC’s By Laws, nominations for the Governing Board will begin as of 1 June 2022.  The Board has appointed Member Bob Bisighini as the Electoral Officer.  

Club members wishing to stand for Board election must complete this nomination form. To be eligible to be nominated as a candidate for the Board, Club members have to have been a member for at least 6 months prior to the date of 2022 AGM. The bylaws state that any member whose membership may have lapsed during the year prior to the AGM will be considered eligible if they have renewed their membership within 60 days of their expiration date.

You can obtain a nominating form from Bob or Club Secretary Darrel Vaught during the Club’s meeting in June.  You can also CLICK HERE to download the nomination form.
Nominations will close at the end of the regular meeting scheduled for 22 June 2022.  There will be 9 vacancies as the terms of the current Governing Board will expire at the next AGM.

Click here for links to the Club’s Constitution and By Laws.  

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