Seeking True Love and Happiness Through Meditation

  • 12 Jan 2020
  • 13:00 - 15:30
  • Holiday Inn - Executive Tower - 4th Floor

Khun Somsara leading the Meditation training sessions. Somsak Samsara (Sam) is an MBA graduate from Assumption University, Thailand. He was a college teacher, a trader and a Buddhist monk. He was a Theravada Buddhist monk for 18 years, was trained intensively to do meditation and then trained to be a meditation teacher. He teaches in many countries across the globe.


Inner peace is his passion and meditation is a simple tool to get there. Since he has traveled to places where meditation is new to local people, he knows very well what a beginner needs to know to take the first dive into true happiness which lies within. Further, if you would like to integrate meditation into your daily routine, Sam also will also have some simple tips for attendees.

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