PCEC Meeting - Diabetes – What it is, how it can be avoided, and how it can be cured naturally and for free - AND - Healthy Living

  • 14 Oct 2020
  • 09:00
  • Holiday Inn - Bay Tower (fronts Beach Road) REGISTRATION NO LONGER REQUIRED

This week's meeting will have 2 speakers.

The first speaker will be  Barry Jones who will be speaking on Diabetes.

The second speaker will be  Pattamaporn Klinkesorn (Neck) who will be speaking on healthy living.

Diabetes – What it is, how it can be avoided, and how it can be cured naturally and for free.

Presentation:  https://youtu.be/yReE0zct-LI

Barry was severely obese, 104kg and a prediabetic with elevated blood sugar and elevated insulin. He thought how can he have high glucose and insulin at the same time, as conventional medicine states that you need more insulin.

Well Barry did a lot of research and eventually enrolled in courses on nutrition, which is now a hobby and a passion, and what he learned was a shock. High blood sugar is NOT a disease; its a symptom of a disease or ailment, but the medical profession treat the symptom and not the disease! To treat a T2 diabetic with insulin is analogous to treating an alcoholic with whisky!

So Barry treated himself and now he's a more respectable 84kg and still a work in progress; and no longer a prediabetic.

Another misconception is that fat is bad for you. After 45 years of telling us that fat causes heart disease; and after much research, the FDA and the WHO have concluded that there is no scientific evidence that fat causes heart disease When did they arrive at this conclusion? The answer is 2015; but what are we still taught ......

Remember, a health population means greatly reduced profits for the pharmaceutical industry!

Healthy Living - Bio-Herbal Coffee and its benefits

Presentation:  https://youtu.be/rMarDFaeVKk
Interview:  https://youtu.be/B-quE3-OZ8c

The main speaker will be followed by Pattamaporn (Neck) Klinkesorn - an introduction to Bio-Herbal Coffee and its benefits. In addition to the Coffee, available from 8:30am, you will be invited to try out the Cellular Healy Medical Device (wearable holistic device).

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