PCEC Meeting - The Financial Fallout from COVID – two alternatives to sitting back and just hoping

  • 18 Nov 2020
  • 09:00
  • Holiday Inn - Bay Tower (fronts Beach Road)
  • 36


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Presentation: https://youtu.be/jmlJv8wRXTc
Interview: https://youtu.be/p_VcVYV6pRY

Dan Schwartz and Joseph Star will be speaking about the financial fallout from COVID. They will mention two alternatives to just sitting back and hoping. Dan has previously spoken to the Club on 3 occasions; once about memory (August 2014) and twice about cryptocurrency (December 2017 and September 2019).
Dan has been a leader in sales, marketing and business development for over 30 years. He has been helping companies improve profitability by increasing the skill sets of owners and senior management. He has lead sales efforts over the past 5 years resulting in over US$65M in closed business deals with a variety of customers large and small. 
He moved to Asia in 2004 and has been here ever since, bringing a wealth of expertise with particular strengths in areas such as financial reporting systems, profit and loss reporting and management, financial strategy and long-term budgetary oversight. He is the Chief Executive Officer of AladiEx Holdings Group, Anguilla and General Manager of Learning 365.

Dan is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Moore School of Electrical Engineering and earned his Master of Business Administration at the Joseph Sellinger School of Business at Loyola College in Maryland.
Joseph Stark has had a long sojourn through the business world that has made him more knowledgeable about seeing what is and what is not a good business. He completed university in Israel studying Arabic and Middle East history.

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