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PCEC Meeting - Take Care Kids

  • 7 Apr 2021
  • 09:00
  • Holiday Inn - Bay Tower (fronts Beach Road)

Presentation: https://youtu.be/XGtzkdingvw
Interview: https://youtu.be/INRJQOXaRu0

We will be welcoming back Khun Giorgio (Gio) Luicardi from Take Care Kids for an update.
He previously spoke about his organization and their activities in July 2018. He will speak about their three main projects: (1) The Foster Home; (2) Providing support to single mothers outside the shelter; and (3) Supporting children and single mothers in slums and construction site camps.

Their efforts are aimed towards children (in some cases including single mothers), who have experienced severe abuse (sexual, psychological etc.), torture and/or have been victim of human trafficking. Many children are referred to them by local authorities, police or other Foundations. Sometimes mothers are admitted with children if they need a safe shelter.
Although Khun Gio has been living in Pattaya for about 20 years, the Foundation wasn’t founded until 2010. Originally a media journalist in his native Italy, it was never on his mind to open a shelter for abused and deprived children in Thailand, but things took their own direction after meeting Father Ray and helping out with the annual rice collection. As Khun Gio himself says “It all started from just 1 kilo of rice”.

Not being a person who could sit idly by, as a man of action he felt he had to help in whatever way he could. In 2013 after fulfilling all the legal Thai requirements, Take Care Kids Thailand officially opened as a shelter for children.
Click here for a summary of his previous presentation. You can also view the YouTube videos on the PCEC’s Channel by clicking on the following links - video of the presentation and Ren’s Interview.  Click here to view their website.

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